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who is Fredi Seta?

Always good about life! I look for my inspirations in nature and in people.

I love my family, have a perfect wife, a beautiful son and a golden retriever!

My collections

Ranch and Horses

Life Style

Collection inspired by the work of the countryside and horses.In this collection you will be able to feel in the countryside and see everything that life provides, horses, cowboys, cowgirls, birds, tractors and everything that involves the country lifestyle.Created by the eye of photographer Fredi Seta

Missing the sea


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Bella Muse


I have always found the way the human body is portrayed in paintings beautiful. Each artist has an interpretation, a look and an interesting design. Art is free and should be open to all, in the same way photography and female nudity have been expressed for centuries in paintings.

Enchanted World Collection


this is a collection focused on enchantment, realized by inspiring photographs based on an enchanted world of the most classic fairy tales.


Open Sea

The largest NFT's marketplace in the world and we couldn't help but be there with incredible collections, it uses the Ethereum currency $ETH


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Foundation é um marketplace de fotos únicas e coleções mais criteriosas. 
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